YAGMCB Week #3

This week marks a bunch of deadlines. One important deadline is the OFF BOOK deadline. By December 16th, we will have blocked all the scenes in ACT 1 except for Book Report and Chasing Rabbits. Everyone will need to be OFF BOOK for all the numbers which have been blocked on this date. To be "Off Book" means that all lines and music have been memorized. It is hugely helpful for actors to run lines with their parents, siblings, or friends to get them to memorize lines. 

Workshops: Thanks so much for those of you who came to our workshops today. We made a lot of progress, and had fun to boot! We still have more workshops coming in January, so please sign up for those if you can.

  • Bios due December 16th!  Each actor will have a biography in the program. Please have them enter their biography here: Click to enter Bios by December 16th!  We have a tighter schedule than in past years, and may not be able to include late bios in the program, so please help your actor ensure their bios are in!
  • The Rehearsal Schedule can be found HERE
  • Sign Up for Your Volunteer Hours by December 17th HERE
  • T-shirt orders:    Amy Choice has created a wonderful design.  YAGMCB apparel can be ordered on-line here.  Payment is via credit card; although we use Paypal to process credit cards, you do not need to have a paypal account to order. After selecting your items, click on the "Check out with PayPal" button, and then you will have an opportunity to either use your paypal account or enter your credit card info without using a paypal account. If you'd rather pay by check or cash, please contact Libby McCord (lmccord@surfnetc.com) 408-202-1367. Orders must be placed by December 20th.  If you have questions about apparel, please contact Libby McCord  408-202-1367 lmccord@surfnetc.com
  • Cast Email List Here!  Please click here to add your cast member's email address to the Cast Email List for this show. These actors are at an age where they are starting to take on more responsibility with continued support from their parents.  Here is one more tool to facilitate that!