Charlie Brown Updates Week #1


Week #1 and the kids are already sounding and dancing great! We have some big things beginning both in the rehearsal space and in artistic workshops next weekend! We’ll need HELP, so Please Read!!


Kids Get Animated!:

To give you a peek behind the curtains, Kevin Arnold (Snoopy’s Dad and Theatre In The Mountains’ Chair) took some pictures during rehearsals last night - we think you’ll enjoy seeing how animated they are already

Kids Need to:

*Arrive early and be ready to work at the assigned time
*bring water and pencil/pen for notes plus your script and songs
*wear closed-toe shoes or dance shoes and comfortable clothes they can move in 

*practice their songs and dance moves, read their scripts, learn their lines for Act I

*when entering rehearsal that is already in progress, quietly go to put their things on the raised steps area & wait for when their group begins, try not to disrupt groups already working on scenes or songs -unless you were late then join in.

*ask rehearsal supervisor for help if necessary

Easy Way to Get Info:

Go to Theatre In The Mountains website - top navigation bar says “performer corner” - choose Charlie Brown Parent Info and BOOM! Everything you need to look at…

Or follow this link:

Check Your Rehearsal Schedule:

Details on when/where rehearsals will be held and exactly which cast members are needed can be found on Theatre In The Mountains website: 

Kids may be called individually (Linus, Woodstock, etc.) OR by their group (Hopscotch Heroes, 4-Square Queens, Jump Rope Pros, Tetherball Masters) so help them figure out all the times they are needed at rehearsals. 



We need HELP with filling rehearsal supervisor spots in the next 2 weeks AND with our upcoming workshops for Sets & Costumes - Can you HELP?

Volunteer Sign-ups Are Located Online:


Need Supervisors for the following rehearsals:

Dec 3 (7:30 - 8:30 pm only Schroeder and Lucy)
Dec 9 (Linus is only one called the entire time, but I have a board meeting. I’ve sent Pat a message/he’s in a meeting this a.m.)
Dec 10 (Four Square Queens called entire time)

Sign Up Here or Reply via E-mail


Costume, Props & Set Building Workshops Scheduled for NEXT WEEKEND- DEC 13th! 

We have amazingly talented Set Designer Nilla Conti & Costume Designer Mia Hammerschmidt leading us to create visuals that will evoke that trademark Sunday Comics Feel. Workshops are FUN - really! Great way to get to know other mountain families, hang out and skip those chores on your property to do something cool. If parents can’t help - this is a great time to ask talented grandparents, favorite aunt, uncle or friends to HELP you too….bring a friend and it’s always more fun.

Pack a snack/lunch and water bottle, some refreshments will be supplied but not a “meal”. Can’t Help this time? More Workshops Planned to Build, Paint & Costume (Jan 10th, Jan 17th, & Jan 24th)



    Sets Begin Construction Sunday 13th from 10-4pm; Build Party Location: BIG RED BARN (located 1.5 miles off SJ Soquel Road on Hester Creek Rd)

    Detailed Directions will be sent to all who sign-up to help

    Please, No children under 12yrs old due to large number of power tools being wielded by wild mountain men & women

    Bring your own drill, hand tools or use the ones we have hanging around

    Knowledge of tools is helpful, but admission of no knowledge will not exclude you :)

    Questions? - Call/e-mail Charlotte Khandelwal @ 408-921-2706 


    Costumes & Props:

    Costumes begin to be cut, drawn, patterned, sewn and glued Sunday 13th 12:30pm-6pm; 

    Costume & Craft Party Location: Skyland Church Whitaker Hall (located off Skyland Road/Miller Hill)

    Detailed Directions will be sent as needed

    Sewing Skills SUPER HELPFUL but not required to join the party - plenty of tasks for duffers like cutting, drawing, glueing/stapling, etc.

    Sewing Goddesses usually bring their own machines/kits but we’ll have craft supplies as well 

    Opportunities for kid crafters available also - fun for them to help make items for props, lobby decorations at these workshops

    If bringing children under 12yrs old - email costume coordinator Alexis King so we can plan accordingly



Thank You!
The Producers - Laurie Hupman, Gina Frank and Charlotte Khandelwal