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Executive Producer
Laurie Hupman

Gina Frank
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Charlotte Khandelwal

Updated 1/23/16

Important Hair, Makeup and Shoes Information!

See the two documents below for important information about per character shoe, makeup and hair assignments.


The Countdown continues…
See the behind the scenes how our costume designer & volunteers bring the iconic Peanuts comic characters to life on-stage.
Even an inside joke about Theatre In The Mountains' summer camps on some T-shirts! 

Thanks to all the volunteers for giving their time and artistry to our production- especially those talented grandmas & many community members with no kid in the show!

Costume Designer
Mia Hammerschmidt

Costume Mistress
Alexis King

Iris Frank
Krista Monaco
Ann Testa
Ashley Testa
Ally Langell

Nadya Arkhangelskaya
Zoe Arnold
Cooper Bowen
Michelle Bowen
Ethan Frank
Hannah Katinksy
Jennifer Katinsky
Kayleigh Khandelwal
Calyx King
Rebecca Meshenberg
Kerrie Mills
Lauria Mills
Julia Shab
Cris Vaughan
Elena Vaughan