CHANGES FOR TODAY (9/28): Lion King Check-In & Pick-Up Locations

Check-In Location Change (Let your actor know!)

Starting today, please let your child[ren] know that check-in after school will take place byRoom 11 (Ms. Roberts room). We will also let the 3-5th grade teachers know so they can be helpful in sending your child to us when the bell rings.


We are making this change for a number of reasons. The primary reason being that the school exits near the PE office are really busy right after school.  We want the kids to have a little down time, have a snack, chat with friends and for them to not be asked to move to make room for people passing through.  In addition, the area around Room 11 has more shade for sitting, the water refill station is nearby and the students like that its right in the middle of the 3/4/5th grade classrooms areas. We tried this new location out last week and it worked nicely, so starting this week it's officially the new check-in location. During rainy season we have another plan in place, but for now we'll enjoy the Fall weather outside.

New Parent Pick-Up Procedures - Starting today!

Starting Monday (Sept 28) parents are asked to pick-up their Lion King actors through the West Pod at the end of their rehearsal. Parents are no longer to go inside the Loma Lobby. 

To get to the West Pod door, parents should enter the main playground gate and stay close to the side of the building. Keeping close to the building, turn right and enter the FIRST door on the right. There will be a sign that says "Lion King Parent Pick-Up - Enter Here." Some of you know this as the "Kids & Co." hallway.  The normal sign-out process will take place in this hallway. Parents are asked to stay inside this hallway (or wait right outside). Once actors are released by the director, they will wait inside the Forum near the teacher's staff room for their name to be called. Then they'll be released into the hallway to leave with you. So basically, same process as always, different location.


The reason we are doing this is because the Forum is now one of the only meeting facilities the district has. There will be days when the Forum is reserved exactly when rehearsal ends. On those days, we need to have the lobby clear for the next group coming in. While this won't be happening all the time, it's better to get a new process down now, rather than having different processes for different days. The alternative we discussed was having the actors wait outside on the kinder playground, and I think we all agree, this would be every challenging, especially during rainy season.

Thanks for your cooperation!

Kate, Laurie, Maren & Miriam