CHANGES FOR TODAY (9/28): Lion King Check-In & Pick-Up Locations

Check-In Location Change (Let your actor know!)

Starting today, please let your child[ren] know that check-in after school will take place byRoom 11 (Ms. Roberts room). We will also let the 3-5th grade teachers know so they can be helpful in sending your child to us when the bell rings.


We are making this change for a number of reasons. The primary reason being that the school exits near the PE office are really busy right after school.  We want the kids to have a little down time, have a snack, chat with friends and for them to not be asked to move to make room for people passing through.  In addition, the area around Room 11 has more shade for sitting, the water refill station is nearby and the students like that its right in the middle of the 3/4/5th grade classrooms areas. We tried this new location out last week and it worked nicely, so starting this week it's officially the new check-in location. During rainy season we have another plan in place, but for now we'll enjoy the Fall weather outside.

New Parent Pick-Up Procedures - Starting today!

Starting Monday (Sept 28) parents are asked to pick-up their Lion King actors through the West Pod at the end of their rehearsal. Parents are no longer to go inside the Loma Lobby. 

To get to the West Pod door, parents should enter the main playground gate and stay close to the side of the building. Keeping close to the building, turn right and enter the FIRST door on the right. There will be a sign that says "Lion King Parent Pick-Up - Enter Here." Some of you know this as the "Kids & Co." hallway.  The normal sign-out process will take place in this hallway. Parents are asked to stay inside this hallway (or wait right outside). Once actors are released by the director, they will wait inside the Forum near the teacher's staff room for their name to be called. Then they'll be released into the hallway to leave with you. So basically, same process as always, different location.


The reason we are doing this is because the Forum is now one of the only meeting facilities the district has. There will be days when the Forum is reserved exactly when rehearsal ends. On those days, we need to have the lobby clear for the next group coming in. While this won't be happening all the time, it's better to get a new process down now, rather than having different processes for different days. The alternative we discussed was having the actors wait outside on the kinder playground, and I think we all agree, this would be every challenging, especially during rainy season.

Thanks for your cooperation!

Kate, Laurie, Maren & Miriam

TLK Updates and PARENT Action Items

Dear Families,

Good evening, hope everyone enjoyed the weekend!

Rehearsals are going SO well ~ our kids are working hard, learning harmonies, and singing their beautiful little hearts out ~ and with lovely attitudes too, in spite of the long, hot days we've had.

Actor bios and measurements due ASAP Important! Our wonderful volunteer crews are already busy at work creating costumes and programs, and we need information from you ASAP. With *104 COSTUMES *to create, and *68 BIOGRAPHIES *to type up, time is of the essence. Please enter your information here: Do it right now! NO wait, I mean, do it right after you read the rest of this email.

Grasslands, Pridelands, who belongs where? If you have been unsure of which animals belong in which scenes, don't dismay... The attached document will show you the path, unwound.

ZULU! The language used in many of the songs from The Lion King is a real language, called Zulu, and is spoken by more than 10 million African Zulu people. Without proper pronunciation, our beautiful songs could sound downright mush-mouthy. By example, the words to the chant in Circle of Life are NOT "Igloo Mama Hello I am Nala" Sooo, this is your chance to pick up an extra language! We urge, encourage (beg? insist?) all families to follow the link below to a video which will help sort through the pronunciations of such odd-looking phrases as: Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba [Here comes a lion, Father] Sithi uhm ingonyama [Oh yes, it's a lion] *Nants ingonyama bagithi baba Sithi uhhmm ingonyama Ingonyama Siyo Nqoba [We're going to conquer]* Ingonyama Ingonyama nengw' enamabala *[A lion and a leopard come to this open place]* Ngiyacela, (please), spend some time watching and practicing proper diction with your kids. And seriously, imagine how impressed your friends and colleagues will be when you can warn them about an approaching lion in ZULU!

Proper Footwear is Important! Unfortunately, none of our cast members have hooves, or paws, or feet that are otherwise adapted to jungle living. Quite a few children have come to rehearsals in sandals and flip flops. Please don't let them. Closed-toe shoes are required at rehearsals. It's been somewhat obnoxiously hot at Loma and so we understand this might not be ideal, but we really need ALL the kids' feet to stay intact for the big dance numbers ;) A pair of simple ballet slippers are easy to stash in a backpack and could be worn just for practice.

Practice makes Perfect Do YOU, the caregiver, know ALL the words to ALL the songs on the CD? Could you step in as an understudy for ANY character? If so, congratulations, and thank you for listening and listening and listening some more with your kids. The more familiar they are with the music, the more comfortable they will feel on stage, the better they will perform, and the happier everyone will be! In my personal experience with 8 TIM shows and counting, this method is tried and true for our family.

Thank you, thank you all so much for all of the support and encouragement. Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.

Lahlani Kahle, Kate Dwyer Co-Producer, The Lion King 831.818.4232 <831.818.4232>

P.S. NOW you can submit your kid's bio & measurement information ~

Rehearsal schedule can be found here

Notes & Tips for Rehearsals this week

Dear Families,

Well, last week was a bit of a crazy one ~ Thanks to all for the flexibility!

Please let me know if any additional parents or caregivers should be added to this distribution list.

We all have an exciting 10 weeks ahead of us as we support our little actors in creating a show that we think is going to be something really special!


  • For ALL rehearsals, children should come to the picnic tables outside the Library and PE Teacher's Office to check in with rehearsal supervisors and have their snack.

  • When grown-ups arrive to pick up actors at the end of rehearsals, we ask that you NOT enter the forum. You will sign your child out at the front desk in the Loma Office, and they will be released to you in the order of sign-outs. Your cooperation with this helps us use rehearsal time more efficiently, and makes for an orderly sign-out process. As you all know, we have lots of kids to keep track of!


  • PLEASE be mindful of your child's sustenance at the end of what is already a pretty long day. We recommend a substantial snack packed separately from their lunch, if necessary labeled with a reminder not to eat until rehearsal. Depending on the length of rehearsal, there may be a second snack break. Your kids will feel better in body and mind, and everyone will have a better experience if our animals are well fed. Extra water would be great too.

  • Not only are our kids hungry, but unfortunately so are the resident yellow jackets. Foods that are less attractive to yellow jackets include fruits, vegetables, dry snacks like crackers or pretzels, most cheeses. Yellow jackets love meat (including sushi) and sugar sweets and will follow your child everywhere to get them. Likely your child will then put away (or throw away) their snack and be very hungry and distracted during rehearsal.


  • Excellent question! All actors should wear comfortable clothing that is easy to move in. Dresses and skirts are not recommended; but if worn please also have your child wear shorts for modesty's sake while we leap, roar and jump around like wild animals. NO sandals; closed-toe shoes only. If your actor already has a pair of ballet or jazz shoes, they are welcomed and encouraged to wear them to rehearsals.


  • If you have yet to see the cast list, you can find it on the TIM website, along with this week's schedule (also pasted below for easy reference) ,
  • A complete schedule with clarification re: Grasslands and Savannah animals will be available by the end of this week

Tues9/8/2015ALL3:00 - 6:00 - Read-through, "Circle of Life" vocals (if time allows)Wed9/9/20151:45 - 3:45 - ALL 4:00 - 4:30 - Y. Simba, Y. Nala, Zazu 4:30 - 5:00 - Rafiki1:45-3:45 "Circle of Life" Dance 4-4:30 - IJCWTBK" Vocals 4:30-5 - "Circle of Life" VocalsThurs9/10/2015ALL3:00 - 6:00 - Ensemble Vocals

See y'all tomorrow!

Kate Dwyer Co-producer, The Lion King 831.818.4232

Wanna See THE LION KING at Broadway San Jose? Oct 2, 8pm

Dear Lion King Families,

We hope you are having a restful and fun weekend!

Many of you know the touring Broadway production of*The Lion King *is coming for a limited engagement to San Jose. For those interested, we have booked a block of tickets to see the show. This is a: *DON'T BLINK, IT'S-HERE-AND-THEN-GONE OFFER!* All payments must be made by September 9th, yes, that's three days away...Wednesday! Any remaining seats in our block that haven't been purchased will be released back to Broadway San Jose.

There is no obligation, no skin in it for Theatre in the Mountains. Just an awesome opportunity for those interested to see the show together at a cost way below regular ticket prices

The Details

Friday, October 2, 8pm (yes, the night before the Gala)

$61 per ticket, no fees (normally $98 + Tickemaster fees) Orchestra rows 18-26 (middle to back of orchestra) 50 tickets available in groups of 2, 4 or 6

How to Get Tickets

  1. Go to On the top menu bar select "Send"
  2. Enter:, select the amount ($61 x number of tickets) and then follow the Paypal directions.
  3. Laura Parker will confirm your payment by email and will assign your seats based on order received.
  4. In order for your tickets to be reserved, you must pay Laura first.

*Questions? *

Contact LAURA PARKER, Lion King Tickets Group Organizer


Well this was quite a Monday morning for all of us here on the mountain as we woke to the terrible news that our Community Center was badly damaged by fire overnight.  Although neither the forum or any classrooms were damaged, the school was kept closed today to allow workers and clean up crews unfettered access as they deal with the immediate damage.

We are grateful in advance for your flexibility as we are all adjusting our schedules this week in response to the fire.  Except with regard to the day that things are happening, the process as explained in yesterday's email will stay the same.

If possible, a parent should come sign in with each actor at either their Vocal or Choreography Audition to deal with some paperwork.  

If your child normally goes to Kids & Co after school, they can come directly to us and check in at the Forum.

TUESDAY, September 1st, 3 - 6pm; FORUM
Vocal Auditions for HALF the cast only.  See attached schedule.  

WEDNESDAY, September 2nd, 1:30 - 4:30pm; FORUM
ENTIRE CAST Choreography Auditions

THURSDAY, September 3rd, 3 - 6pm; FORUM
Vocal Auditions for HALF the cast only.  See attached schedule.

FRIDAY, September 4th, 3 - 5pm; FORUM
Audition Callbacks for some actors. 

Thank you, and please let me know any questions or concerns.

Kate Dwyer
Co-Producer, The Lion King
831.818.4232 cell

Welcome to Theatre In the Mountains' production of The Lion King!

Welcome to Theatre In the Mountains' production of The Lion King!

We were so thrilled to see all of you at the meeting on Thursday, thank you for coming ~ it is so encouraging to see the ever-growing interest in theater here in our community!

This is the first of many messages you will be receiving from me as we work together over the next 12 weeks.  PLEASE take the time to read them, as they will not only be wonderfully witty and entertaining, but also our primary form of communicating with cast families.  There will be lots of important news, requests and updates along the way.

I will be your first point of contact for all things Lion King.  Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns and if I cannot address them directly I'll connect you with the person who can.  My cell is 831.818.4232, and my email is  I will often be at rehearsals as well and happy to talk with parents then.  I look forward to getting to know many of you and your children, also to working with many returning families.

Conflict Calendars are SUPER important! Please review and update your child's!

Our schedule is TIGHT this year.  The Lion King is an amazing, rich show, with many big musical numbers to learn. The ensemble performs in nine musical numbers, which gives them a lot to learn rather quickly.  Our Directors Arindam and Ben really need to know when any and all actors cannot attend a rehearsal. 


Please thoroughly compare our attached rehearsal calendar with your own and mark any day/s that your child will miss a rehearsal in whole or in part.  The more detail you can provide on partial attendances, the better (i.e. Millicent will leave at 4p on Mondays).  Print and bring this to auditions on Monday.

We really appreciate your attention to this detail.  Everyone involved, from the directors to your children to the audience, will have a better experience as a result.

Audition Details for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday - LOMA FORUM

Given the large number of registered actors, our Directors have made some adjustments to the audition plan.

Please be aware that PARENTS ARE NOT PERMITTED TO OBSERVE AUDITIONS and plan accordingly.  

Monday 8/31, 3 - 6pm ~ Choreography ~ LOMA FORUM

ALL AUDITIONING ACTORS should arrive to the LOMA FORUM at 3pm and plan to stay until 6pm.  

If you are able, please come to register with your child, review paperwork and check in regarding volunteer hours.

On Monday, the children will be taught choreography which they will practice and then 'perform' in small groups.  After choreography and time allowing, they will review the chorus to "Circle of Life", which they will be singing for vocal auditions on their second day of auditions.

Tuesday 9/1, 3 - 6pm  *OR*  Wednesday 9/2, 1:30 - 4:30p ~ Vocals ~ LOMA FORUM.   HALF the cast will attend each day.  


See the attached schedule for your child's vocal audition assignment. 

Your child will not attend both Tuesday and Wednesday.

On Tuesday OR Wednesday, all actors will again review the chorus from "Circle of Life" and practice singing as a group until all feel comfortable.  The Directors will then ask each child in turn if they'd like to sing the same song as a solo in front of the group.  This is NOT required, but only actors who audition with a solo will be considered for lead roles with vocal solos.

Some line reading practice, time allowing.

Thursday 9/3, 3 - 6pm ~ Callbacks ~ LOMA FORUM

Actors being considered for lead roles will be asked to return on Thursday for further vocal and line reading auditions. The Directors will provide sheet music and line selections for review at Tuesday/Wednesday vocal auditions.

Volunteer Jobs are Going Fast!  Sign up NOW before all the good ones are gone!!

OK that's not quite true.... But every family is in fact obligated to contribute a minimum of 30 hours toward the production.  There are many moving parts to a show like this, and bringing it all together over the next 12 weeks will take a tremendous amount of time and work.  Our volunteer policy allows to get it all done while keeping our registration costs as low as possible. 

Families that cannot commit to 30 hours may buy out of volunteering for $650.

Christina Schwabecher is our fearless Volunteer Coordinator for the show.  Over the coming days and weeks you will be receiving emails from her to invite you to logon to SignUp Genius, where you can select your job/s and set your own schedule.  If you were able to talk with her on Thursday and you've already signed up for your time, thank you!  If you didn't, fear not!  Christina will be offering frequent updates with opportunities to fill gaps on our crews.  

We are excited to be your Production Team this year. While we know it will be a lot of work and time, we have agreed to embrace the spirit of Hakuna Matata on this journey.  We hope that everyone will have a positive experience along the way.

Thank you again for supporting the arts in our mountain community, and welcome to The Lion King!

Until Monday, 

The Lion King Production Team