In a music lovers’ paradise deep in the sea, the inhabitants of Pepperland find their peace and harmony threatened by the evil Blue Meanies who hate music and beauty. After the rest of the residents of Pepperland are frozen, Young Fred of Pepperland must find help and save Pepperland so off he goes to England where he enlists the Beatles to help him on his quest.  

Aboard the Yellow Submarine, Fred and the Beatles narrowly escape bizarre creatures in the Sea of Monsters, invite new friends to join them on their journey in Nowhere Land, find love in the Foothills of the Headlands , and eventually find their way back to Pepperland.  Through the power of music, the Beatles are able to save Pepperland and convince the Blue Meanies to change their ways and join them in musical fun.  

This new show features classic Beatles music, a wide variety of lead and featured roles, and ensemble participation in most of the songs.  Directed and choreographed by TIM’s Lion King artistic staff, Arindam Krishna Das and Ben Jammin’ Holck, this will be a theatrical experience to remember!

Songs include: “ When I’m Sixty-Four”, “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”, “A Little Help from my Friends”,  “All You Need is Love”, "Eleanor Rigby", “All Together Now” and many more.

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Elenor Rigby