Welcome Yellow Submarine families!!

We are very excited to have your children join us for what will be the most musical of journeys to be found under the sea!  


Theatre in the Mountains (TIM) is proud to be working again with  Arindam Krishna Das (the Director for last year's production of The Lion King) as he directs his original Stage Adaptation of the infamous movie Yellow Submarine!! :)  TIM is also very excited to be working again with Ben Jammin’ the director and choreographer from last year's TIM production of The Lion King.


We have a few things to cover before we get started with Auditions on Monday:


PARENT MEETING - TOMORROW Monday 8/29 at 6:30


**Attendance for the Parent Meeting is MANDATORY**


We will be disseminating a lot of valuable information including introducing our Director and Choreographer, Producers, and Production Team.  This will be a great time time to ask any questions you have about the audition process, volunteer hours, etc.

   Authorization forms--these need to be filled out and signed at the Parent Meeting

   Final Payment if paying by check

   Rehearsal CD and scripts (!!) - these will both be given out at the end of the meeting

If you absolutely cannot attend please reach out to one of the producers beforehand and we will fill you in separately.



Location: Loma Forum


Auditions begin tomorrow Monday 8/29 and will end with callbacks Thursday 9/1.


Monday 8/29  3-6pm

Vocal Audition Workshops

Rachel Stevens

Erin Rodenbaugh

Manika Brockenbrough

Nicole Hansen

Heather Hansen

Eve Connally

Claire Galbo

Chayce Milheim

Cambria Gallup

Nicholas Gallup

Maili Weisbach

Twyla King

Anabella Griswold

Amanda Craig

Kalia Adams

Alexandra Kopman

Bryce Olson

Sky Taylor

Megan Vaughn



Tuesday 8/30 3-6pm

ALL CALL for dance workshops



Wednesday 8/31 145-5pm

Vocal Audition Workshops

Sophie Bernard

Lucy Bernard

Genevieve Suorsa

Yaeko Green

Kathleen Daniher

Jordan Daniher

Caitroina Sullivan

Anna Hespeler

Rowan Barber

Annaliese Shab

Matthew Gladney

Anna Mullins

Luciana Patino

Keoni Stammers

Taryn Stammers

London Winter

Ruben Hammerschmidt

Marko Plautz


Thursday 9/1 3-6pm


Actors being considered for lead roles will be asked to return on Thursday for further vocal and line reading auditions.


Friday 9/2

The Cast list will be posted by 9pm to the TIM website along with the rehearsal schedule with specific days and times by role.

   If an actor would like to be considered for a lead role with solo vocals, they must sing the Yellow Submarine excerpt (found on the TIM website) on their own in front of the other cast members, who will serve as a supportive "audience".  They will be accompanied by the piano. Those auditioning for leads will be asked to introduce themselves: their name and age(in their best "theater voice") and then sing the audition song.

   Actors who are not interested in lead roles will not be required to solo at auditions and will be cast in one of the ensemble groups. They are, however, required to be present while others perform solo, and to behave well as a respectful and supportive "audience".

   Parents are not allowed in the auditions!!



Kate Dwyer is our Volunteer Coordinator for the show.  Over the coming days and weeks you will be receiving emails from her to invite you to logon to SignUp Genius, where you can select your job/s and set your own schedule. We will also talk about Volunteer opportunities at the Parent Meeting.


As most of you know it takes a mountain to put on a production of this size and your participation is paramount to making it a success.  We know this is a commitment on everyone's part and we truly appreciate the time (and dedication) you the parents give to make these plays happen.



Our Directors Arindam and Ben really need to know when any and all actors cannot attend a rehearsal. 


We really appreciate your attention to this detail.  Everyone involved, from the directors to your children to the audience, will have a better experience as a result.



Briidget will have the list of kids and their audition days.  One of the Producers will escort the kids to the Forum at 3pm. 



   Closed toe shoes are required for all rehearsals.  PE appropriate shoes are best

   Girls -- Please send your daughter in clothes she would be comfortable tumbling in

   Make sure to send your child with a snack--maybe in a separate bag to be saved for rehearsal



Being a part of the cast of the YELLOW SUBMARINE should be FUN and memorable.  Our children will sing and act their hearts out, they will work hard at learning their songs and lines and we the Producers along with the Directors and Choreographers and Production Team want to help to ensure our actors have a great experience.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to any of the Producers at any time over the upcoming weeks with questions or concerns.




Your Producers,


Lisa O'Sullivan



Kiyoko Whiteside


(650) 867-5045


Jennifer Daniher


(408) 393-7113