This agreement lists the production policies and financial commitments that each participant agrees to upon auditioning for a role in a Loma Prieta Community Foundation Theatre in the Mountains production:

Auditions and Casting

All who audition will be cast into this production, except for those who have conflicts preventing them from fully participating.

Age Requirements

Each audition announcement will include a minimum age or grade requirement.  All children enrolled in the appropriate grade level in any mountain school (or homeschool) are welcome to participate.  In some productions designated “all-participant”, it may be necessary to cast younger or older performers in certain parts. When this occurs, special audition invitations will be extended to a limited number of younger performers. It is understood that these auditions are not subject to the “all-participant” policy.

Attendance Policy

Theatre in the Mountains assumes that a commitment to the production is made at the time of casting. Every performer is required to attend all of their scheduled rehearsals without exception. Attendance policy requirements are:

●     All known rehearsal conflicts must be communicated to the production staff on the Conflict Calendar form provided with the audition packet.

●     Only the director may grant permission to miss a rehearsal that was not previously marked on the conflict calendar at the time of audition. Do not ask anyone else, including the producer or adult rehearsal supervisor, to excuse you from any rehearsal.

●     If you have not been granted permission to miss a rehearsal in advance, your absence will be considered unexcused. It is up to the discretion of the director to consider granting permission retroactively in the event of a real emergency.

●     A single unexcused absence may result in dismissal from the production without a refund of registration fees.

●     Rehearsal schedules are subject to change. Rehearsal schedule changes occur in order to coordinate the most productive use of time for creating the best results in the show. Changes will be announced at rehearsals, distributed in the weekly newsletter and/or posted on the website. It is each performer’s responsibility to be aware of schedule changes. Not knowing is not a valid excuse for missing a rehearsal.

●     The final week before a production is a hectic time for everyone, often involving technical and costume problems that must be solved before opening night. When students are involved in a production, we will make every attempt to conclude these “show tech week” rehearsals at the scheduled time. However, parents of students in the production must be aware that these rehearsals may run late. We will notify you by telephone as early as possible of any extended rehearsal hours. Please be prepared for this.

●     When student performers are dropped off at rehearsals, please be sure the rehearsal is being held as planned before leaving. Other adult actors or staff in the production are not considered rehearsal supervisors and are not required to act in that capacity.

●     Please pick up student performers at the designated end of rehearsal time. Any tardiness in picking up a student performer at the end of rehearsal is inconvenient for all and must be avoided.

Security Policies

All Participants are required to sign in and out at every rehearsal. All absences must be explained, and the Rehearsal Supervisor must be informed of absences and any special arrangements must be approved by the Producers.

Registration Fees

A registration fee is charged for each participating cast member. This fee is used to help offset the costs of our productions, including advance royalties, script purchase or rental, set and costume construction or rental, as well as the costs for hiring senior production staff (such as an artistic director, as well as a music director and choreographer for musical productions). For many participants, this production will be their first exposure to the performing arts and our program serves a dual purpose of presenting a community play and also teaching amateur performers. A percentage of the registration fee is set aside by the Loma Prieta Community Foundation, our parent organization, to maintain the facility that we use for rehearsals and productions. This fee does not fully cover the expenses of our productions. Ticket sales and fundraising activities are also used to defray our costs. Parents, other family members and friends will be expected to purchase tickets to see their children in the play.


In the event that you withdraw from the production before auditions have started, your participation fee will be refunded in full. If you withdraw before casting is posted but after auditions you will be eligible for a refund of 1/2 the registration cost. A lot of time and effort goes into organizing auditions and casting and thus is reflected in these cancellation costs. Please allow twenty-one days for a check to be mailed to you. Generally, there will be no refund of the registration fee for a voluntary withdrawal by a participant after roles have been cast and rehearsals have started. There will be no refund if the child is dismissed for behavior violations. In the event of a serious emergency or hardship, (such as a death in the family), consideration will be given for a partial refund, prorated against the number of weeks remaining until opening. However, this determination will be made by the Foundation, and no one from the production staff, including the producer or director, is authorized to promise a refund under any circumstances.


The Loma Prieta Community Foundation reserves the right to waive the registration fee for this production for any person who is unable to pay due to financial hardship. These scholarships are intended for people who are truly needy and want to participate, not as in-kind compensation for volunteer work done on behalf of the production. Everyone who can afford to pay the registration fee should participate without expecting a waiver of the fee.

Costume and Makeup Costs

You may be asked to help purchase or obtain materials for your costume and to assist in its construction. You will also be required to purchase professional theater makeup. Costumes and makeup will vary depending upon the role you may have in the production. However, no one will be refused an opportunity to participate in this production because of inability to pay for a costume or makeup.