Arindam Krishna Das, Director Lion King


Arindam Das is both our Artistic Director and Vocal Director. Arindam brings a wealth of theater experience and most recently collaborated with TIM as conductor of TIM's Spamelot. Arindam LOVES kids! He has served as Musical Director for Little People Rep Theatre for over 15 years. He also serves as director and musical director for various local productions. Past shows include "Godspell," "Pippin," "Jesus Christ Superstar," "Hair," and "Tommy." A singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, he has played many roles onstage starting at the age of four including El Gallo in "The Fantasticks" and Tevye in "Fiddler on the Roof." 


Ben Jammin' Holck, Choreographer Lion King

Ben Jammin' Holck is our dynamic Lion King choreographer. He is a founding member of non-profit, Santa Cruz Performing Arts. An educator, choreographer, vocal coach, and actor in the Santa Cruz and Bay Area, Holck has over 20-years experience directing full-scale musicals and teaching live-performance classes as a SPECTRA Artist in county schools. Jammin is currently the Artistic Director for SCPA, providing classes, programs, and events where kids can develop skills in music, dance, and theatre.


Kyle Fox, Assistant Director & Stage Manager

Kyle has been involved in theater (both onstage and offstage) for around twenty years. Most recently Kyle has been seen onstage as a member of the Festival Theater Ensemble, recent roles have included Tybalt from Romeo and Juliet and Aramis in Further Adventures of the Three Musketeers. Kyle has extensive experience and interest in stage combat and is currently assisting the fight scene choreogra- phy for West Valley College’s She Kills Monsters (not a kid show). Kyle is grateful to be part of The Lion King team, having his ideas listened to and opinions valued. He sends special thanks to everyone who worked so hard to help this show shine! 


Nilla Conti, Set Designer Phantom Tollbooth, Narnia, Lion King

Nilla Conti.png

Nilla Conti is an architect who loves to design and create almost anything. She loves the theatre and the amazing freedom to imagine something that doesn't exist that it brings. The Phantom Tollbooth is her fourth project as a set designer with Theatre in the Mountains, after Aladdin, Willy Wonka and The Wiz.


Mia Hammerschmidt, Costume Designer Lion King 


Mia has been creating and making things for as long as she can remember. Sewing clothing has been part of how she was raised and has become a passion. She started designing and sewing clothing for her two children which lead her to the Los Gatos Ballet costume crew. With this group, she has created several lead costumes. For two years she has designed and created costumes for Theatre in Mountains, including 101 Dalmatians and Dinosaurs before Dark. She currently serves on the TIM Steering Com- mittee as Costume Coordinator. Mia enjoys creating and making costumes because of the fun involved and because it definitely brings a smile to both the performers and the audiences. 


Karen Carlo Salinger , Mask Designer Lion King

Karen is an accomplished local artist and a long time supporter of Theater in the Mountains. Her art has focused on painting, pen and ink drawings, and sculpture with unusual materials. Karen uses art as a way to express her thoughts, emotions, and fears running through her subconscious. She has designed sets and props for many recent TIM productions including 101 Dalmatians, The Phantom Toll- booth, and The Little Mermaid. TIM has benefited from her unique skills and vision in building spectacular three dimensional art pieces out of untraditional materials. 


Rick Orlando, Audio Designer

Rick Orlando enjoys the unique challenges that each production presents. Rick has been involved in nine TIM productions. In addition to running the sound system during the performances, he has been steadily upgrading the equipment used for all TIM productions to improve the audio quality of our performances. He hopes that we will eventually have an audio system capable of showcasing all of the actors vocal talents.


Jonathan Frank, Lighting and Special Effect Designer

Jonathan Frank brings both his creative and technical background to the show. As a veteran mechanical engineer who worked for both Universal Studios and Walt Disney Imagi-neering, Jonathan has engineered and worked on the design and installation of many theme park shows and rides. Jonathan has worked nine Theatre in the Mountains productions as lighting designer, and he always strives to add a little more tech and flair to each show.


Kevin Arnold, Videographer/Photographer/Webmaster/Steering Committee Chair

Kevin Arnold is the man behind the camera. He is responsible for filming and producing videos for the cast and their families to enjoy, and also has provided most of the candid photos on the Theatre in the Mountains website. A veteran of over 15 TIM productions, a Steering Committee member, and the TIM Webmaster, Kevin has enjoyed being part of an organization that provides an incredible opportunity for the children in our mountain community to develop confidence, self-motivation, friendships, and theatrical skills in a supportive and exciting environment.