Character Breakdown

Alex the Lion: The main attraction at the Zoo and “The King Of New York” – a true showman

Marty the Zebra: Dreams of exploring beyond the confines of the zoo, Alex’s best friend. Gloria the Hippo: Bold young lady with a maternal streak who shines.

Melman the Giraffe: Kind-hearted giraffe who is a hypochondriac and always just a little bit nervous.

Skipper the Penguin: Captain of the group, gives orders with ease and command. Kowalski the Penguin: Skipper’s second-in-command.

Rico the Penguin: Brute of the group of penguins – can karate chop anything in site! Private the Penguin: Primary job is to maintain the cute and fuzzy disguise. Zookeepers: Have a real passion and excitement for the animals.

Mason the Chimp: Though highly intelligent, his species gets a bad reputation for being simple, which he takes personally.

King Julien: King of the Lemurs, a wild band of creatures native to Madagascar. Maurice the Lemur: King Julien’s assistant who is not welcoming to the visitors. Mort the Lemur: The littlest lemur who can barely speak. Lemur gang

Lynn, Lew, Lee and Lars: more silly lemurs

Other Ensemble parts include:

The Foosa (cat-like predators with and appetite for lemurs!),

More Penguins, More Lemurs,

Servers (of Alex’s steak), Camera Man, Candy Hammernose, Passerby, Old Lady, Police Officers, Animal Control Officers, Newspaper Man, Ship’s Captain

Lionesses, alex’s dancers who are fierce and slay!
New Yorkers
Zoo animals